How to offset CO2 with Ager Oliva

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CO2 offsetting and carbon credits

A new dawn for some industries or commodity sectors where the use of nonrenewable sources cannot be avoided. These companies can balance the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by offsetting CO2. How? With environmental protection activities, through remediation or planting that can absorb pollution.

Olive tree planting in Tuscany

Ager Oliva gives Italian and European companies the opportunity to make km0 offsets by planting olive trees in abandoned agricultural fields and managing them for 20 years.
In just a few minutes you can offset the 660T/ha of CO2 that the plants will absorb over the next 20 years.
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What is green washing and how to avoid it

Ager Oliva relies on the CNR to study the CO2 absorbed by its reclaimed and planted olive trees. The data we share with you is the result of scientific research.
You can come in person anytime to see the development of the project or ask us for videos of the progress of plant growth.
Avoid green washing and help the Planet.

CO2 absorption recovered olive groves

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