Adopt a field of olive trees.
It offsets your CO2.

Save a field of abandoned olive trees in Tuscany

Make a Gift for the Planet and for your employees and customers



Before and after adoption

Let's save this biodiversity all together. Our country's centuries-old agricultural history is our heritage

Social Responsibility

Your company can directly contribute to saving abandoned biodiversity, reclaiming lands and landscapes and creating local jobs

Sustainable Marketing

Do zero-mile communication by showing results with video content we create specifically for you
Retain your customers and attract new ones.
Average ROI of +300%

Green Gift
100% Deductible

An environmentally sustainable gift of high quality to enjoy with family and friends.
One liter of extra virgin organic olive oil for each olive tree adopted

CO2 compensation

It compensates up to 60kg of CO2 for each saved olive tree.
The absorption capacity of the recovered olive tree increases up to +15 T/ha per year


We personalize your social action

We identify ad hoc plots based on farm commitment.
We create co-branded labels for fields larger than 500 plants, the equivalent of 2ha.
We customize the sign with the corporate brand.

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